Serving Clients In The Chicago Area & Nationwide, since 1991


GWB & Associates was founded in 1991 by Mr. George W. Brown, a tax and accounting professional with over 30 years of financial services management experience as an accountant, auditor, management consultant, general manager and controller. 


The firm maintains extremely high-quality standards and has established a reputation for our expertise in helping clients make and save money. At GWB & Associates, we are excited about the opportunity to serve as your most trusted advisor and about finding creative ways to assist in consistently reducng your taxes, increasing your revenues and improving your bottomline.


Our Clients:

  • Have an experienced team they can call any time for advice or assistance on any tax, business or accounting issue.

  • Have a dedicated firm that serves as an honest advisor that is frank, open minded and committed to addressing all of their financial concerns.

  • Work with a team that they can trust.

  • Are our main priority and do not get lost in the shuffle.


To learn more about GWB & Associates or how we can assist you in improving your company's bottom line, please give us a call at 773-842-6577

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